The "AllA Charged Amulet Of Power"

AllA Charged Amulet Of Power

The Amulet Of AllA Is Now Available In Limited Quantities Hand Blessed By A Supreme ArchAngel In Zion Or Even Supreme ArchMage AllA Erawa Viacad If You Are So Absurdly Rarely Chosen For Him To Do So. Sayanced Always With The Magic Enchantment Ritual Of Judgment:

"By The Power OF AllA May The Pentagram Amulets Be Blessed By The Power OF Fire To Give The Amulet And Recipient Energy Always To Fight For The Power OF Good Only, By The Power Of Air May This Amulet Judge Those Who Are Good And Grant The Holy And Wholesome Wishes While Cursing Those Who Oppose The Free World Alliance Of Stars Fighting For Peace Prosperity And Happiness Throughout The Infinite Cosmos, May The Amulet Adapt As Water Does To Forever Adapt Benevolence To Those Who Have Good Karma Granting Double The Happiness Than They Would Be Previously Allotted. May The Amulet's Power Be Fixed In Stone Like The Eternally Shinny Amulet Stays Without Polishing It At All And Gleaming Throughout All Trials And Tribulations."

The Amulet Will Thus Be Charged From The Power Of The Magician's Magic Gizmos, Which Haveth The Power Of The 4 Elements And Spirit As Well As A Dagger To Banish Evil. To Find Out How The SciMag Order Illuminati Get Their Magic Powers As Effective Gods Due To Their Incredible Eliteness, And How You Can Advance From Being A Mere Witch To A Wizard Or Varial Read This Magic Website And Study And Practice This Free To View And Download Magic Spell Book.

Again There Are No Guarantees Of Success In Magic As You Could Be Split Between Evil And Good, But It Should Give You Great Help In Life You If You Are A Good Kind Person, Benefit If You Are So-So, And The Curse Of An Imp If You Are Evil!!!

AllA Charged Amulet Of Power
Enter Your Name: $1,000 For 1 Life Changing Amulet That Could Grant You Wishes If You Figure Out How To Contact ME At Point Of Payment! Fedex Express Shipment Within Around 3-4 Days Or Less. Tracking Number Not Provided To Anyone Cuz Of The Evil Black Warlock/Witch Mafia.














I, AllA Erawa Viacad Am Being Murdered By The Mental Health Gulag By 156 mg Of Monthly Injected Invega Sustenna, An Injectable Antipsychotic. My ALT (SGPT) Reading At The Beginning Of June 2015 Was 52 Where 40 Is Indicative Of Total Liver Failure. For The Reason, Read On...


Imperial Party Donations Page in support of the Free World Alliance Revolution for:

A Universally Deporked Economy, Propagation of the Documents and Other Conspiracy Theories, and United States of Humanity Dominion over the Earth for World Peace.


Donations that never went to my cause are Closed.



All proceeds would go to AllA Erawa Viacad for future video website upgrades, and political activism in support of any candidate regardless of which political party caucus they espouse to as long as the individual supports our primary deporking/patent/corporate tax initiative among other issues except ALL FUNDS ARE BEING STOLEN BY THE Media Betrayer faction. So what this situation boils down to is this, the government is forcing you to vote between 2 parties without even letting a 3rd party come into existence because they just steel my money.

And I Won't Be Able To Solve Global Warming With Solar Lux Or Make And Sell Any Magic Gizmos Including The Supreme Magic Trinket, The Supreme Magic Charm, The Supreme Magic Gem, The Supreme Magic Token, The Supreme Magic Ring, The Supreme Magic Amulet, And The Supreme Magic Talisman/The Supreme Magic Trinkets, The Supreme Magic Charms, The Supreme Magic Gems, The Supreme Magic Tokens, The Supreme Magic Rings, The Supreme Magic Amulets, The Supreme Magic Talismans, And The Supreme Magic Goods Either.

MRDSS Hardware Net Income
100% AllA Erawa Viacad

Series Transistor Net Income (However Everybody Will Be Able to Make Series Transistors That Are Integrated into a Processor or Digital Component That Will Be Free!)
100% AllA Erawa Viacad

MRDSS Virtual Reality Arena Net Income

-> 78% Profit Towards my stock in Sonex, The New Combined Windows/Linux Operating System which will run on the Play Station and any Computer Platform and will obsolete All other PC operating Systems because it will emulate virtually any operating system's programs.

-> 22% Profit Towards MRDSS Security Development Program.

1/2 to Sony

1/4 to Toshiba

1/8 to Panasonic

1/8 to Other Contractors World Wide

Solar Lux Net Income
100% AllA Erawa Viacad.


Bahamas Gold-Silver-Gems Split:

Bahamas: 2%

Europe: 20%

Russia: 8%

Africa: 17%

Middle East: 10%

India: 10%

South East Asia: 8%

China: 17%

Korea: 3%

Japan: 5%


Polynesian Gold Split:

USA and Canada: 80%

Mexico and Central America: 4%

South America: 11%

Australia: 5%



This is what the government does to any revolution that threatens to replace them democratically.


Of the 7.18 Billion people in the world 3,035,749,340 have internet access according to: and unless none have given me a cent the government is condoning the theft of my money due to the nature of my website in its support of a competing party.


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